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About Us

Australians have a longtime friend in the health food business. Now that friend is rapidly expanding its reach in the online health food business.

Launched as an online health food in 2008, OzHealthFood draws from 10 years' experience in the prescription health food business. Today, the company has over 2,000 customers in more than 10 countries, and is one of Australia’s most popular online health food services. It's health food services are rapidly growing in popularity around the world.

OzHealthFood specialises in health food that improve the health and well being of the entire family. The health food emphasises privacy and confidentiality in dealing with customers' prescription and healthcare needs.

OzHealthFood delivers top value and convenience for health food products, skin care, vitamins and supplements, pet care products and more. The company employs staff pharmacists to answer customers' questions about health food. Our website also offers a wealth of information on health care and medicine.

Customers are pleased with the level of health food service they receive at OzHealthFood, and with the prompt delivery of the health food they need.


“ Just letting you know how happy I was with OzHealthFood. I made an order at 5 PM on Friday and received it first thing Tuesday. I was expecting it to take about a week. I live in a small coastal town and our pharmacies just don't have a very big range, or it’s not in stock and it's usually very pricey. I made a big saving on my order with OzHealthFood. ”

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